Flower arrived looking literally untouched; reflecting the care that was put into carefully handling and manicuring this flower. The nugs were mainly on the small side but as I initially removed them from the jar I would’ve been fooled. As they came out as a single unit with a great level of humidity and copious amounts of untouched trichomes making the exterior immediately tacky to the touch. The backgrounds were an array of light and lime greens with some darker green and purple sugar leaves. These colours were relatively hard to capture through “shag carpet” of resin. As I peered closer; the long transparent stalks held a healthy balance of milky and amber heads packed tightly together. Again, the handling of the buds cannot be overstated as the trich coverage was 95% untouched. Something that always excites me as I try some of these talented private ACMPR’s out as I don’t grow and this as close as it gets for me getting right off the plant. If I wasn’t clear enough the visuals were stunning; but the smell was just as impressive. Zesty lime and clean refreshing pine notes stand out to me the most. There is also a mild sweetness on the backend; that attempts to balance the overall sharp and sour notes.

Found the burn in a joint even and clean with some smooth smoke that made it perfect for some decent rips in the bong. It also shone in a joint burning clean, finishing with a near white ash and a respectable resin ring after the first few tokes. The taste hit the tongue with more of a herbal, earthy and mildly sweet note; which weren’t as over the top as the nose. Effects were immediately present behind the eyes with a spaced out and uplifting buzz that had me feeling good. This was evident from the random moments I found myself grinning ear to ear, without a clear reason. I did find the buzz relaxing from start to finish with some moderately relaxing physical effects making their presence clear about an hour in. All and all this Sativa leaning hybrid had me appreciating any activity I put my mind; even though my ability to focus was shot at times.