Brand – Butterfly by Sec

Flavor – the taste was quite the mystery judging by the color combination. It had a very tropical berry fruit like taste, not really comparable to any other candy nor edible I’ve had. Very flavor infested with a slight marijuana taste coming slightly after downing each piece but nothing major or too overpowering by any means

Potency – this beautiful winged bad boy carried a healthy 400mg dosage. I usually have smaller candy tast I can regulate up to the dose that I feel comfortable with. This made it a little more difficult to do that with coming as 1 entire unit. The wife and I started off with a quarter each (roughly 100mg a pop) waited a bit for it to settle then decided to finish off the other 1/4 each. Sitting at 200mg a piece, I have to say that it didn’t feel as effective as the usual 200mg dose more around a properly done 100 or just over

Quality – the colors as mentioned were very unique and I’m sure just like butterfly’s, they are done in their own style/pattern making each truly personal. Very bright coloring throughout with some really nice looking design. The colors being bright but also it had a matter look and almost play dough like look to the mold. Glad to try another one of the Sec edibles, but it didn’t seem to quite hit the full potential I was hoping for in the potency department but delicious AF