Strain – Burt Reynolds

Visual/Texture – the zip being built up by massive spade shaped buds, all large in stature, and requiring a total of seven to create this girthy ounce. Exterior having a slightly crisp to the touch, with a decent sponginess involved, cracking these open to uncover the semi fresh, sticky interior resin cladded interior. Lighter lime green shaded nugs, with undertones of dark forest hues, the landscape featuring a generous spread of copper pistils spread over it, and a thick layer of frosty snow white trichomes caking these buds up

Scent – some of the most deliciously scented terpene aromatics gassing from this exotic strain. Absolutely pumping out fumes driven by fruity tropical grapes, tied with a sweet creamy dough, and subtle hints of floral, earthiness provided in the background of this fantastic fuel

Smoke – an evenly distributed ash of lighter grey, with pepper flakes, and a small resin ring making an appearance after a few pulls. That wonderful nose makes a smooth transition over to taste while smoked on. Taking inhales with amplified flavors of tropical fruit grape, sweet doughy creaminess, and a minor earthy, floral sneaking through. An earthy, spiciness takes the majority of the exhale flavor, with that sweet fruity grape sticking around on the palate

High – Burt Reynolds doesn’t seem to waste much time before its effects start flowing through you. Initally raising your mood, putting you into a blissful state, while retaining focus, you feel the elevation as euphoria is flowing through your head. Captivating thoughts of creativity over you, while relaxing urges slowly settle in, and set up shop, easing yourself with a soothing calmness. This tasty twist up can be sparked up at any time of the day, leaving you nice and baked while having motivation ready on stand-by if necessary