I’ve never had an opportunity to try any decent hash; outside of the typical “mercedes or afghani” type hash. This was a different experience all together. As soon as I opened the container it arrived in I was met with sweetness and fruit aromas I can liken to berries.  The only smell I had been met with before this was herbal or the typical oily hash aroma. The product was very soft and malleable; and fairly sticky to the touch with a light brown appearance. On closer inspection it was evident that the majority of the hash was lightly golden trich heads. Found it bubbled when I brought the lighter up to it; and after warming it up a bit in a pipe burned slowly producing a smooth smoke that was sweet earthy and herbal.

Found the effects to slowly creep up on me with a heavy physical body stone that had me sinking deeper and deeper into the couch. Something I have enjoyed as a way to wind down my nights as it provided an impressively relaxing high. Something I will solely save for evening activities as I found I got some really deep sleeps afterwards. Glad I had the chance to try some hash of this quality and may be something I seek out more in the future.