Strain – Bubba OG Hash

Texture/Visual – shelled by a dark brown coloring, with an extremely pliable texture easily reformed to a desired form or size. Easily ripped apart, the interior is a lighter chocolate fudge hue. With its squishy texture, and ability to be stretched out at ease

Smoke – smooth big intakes are very capable behind hoots of this Bubba hash. A flavorful intake of sweet diesel, and rich coffee make this a tasty smoking hashish. Consistent burn that carried a cherry through all the way to the end, resulting in a clean grayish white ash

High – the stone works it’s way over both your head and body alike, producing a cerebral high filled with a boosted euphoria. Relaxation overcoming your body, brining on a solid numbness capable of relieving any existing pain. This tasty hash is enjoyable at any time of the day, or evening but with little in terms of sparking motivation, your better off with a clean schedule post roast