Bag Appeal: The colours look really nice, the buds are dense, not sticky but not too dry either. Not the nicest looking trim. Not seeing a ton of trichs but at least there’s a small layer.

Smell: Has a nice herbal fruity smell, more herbal though. Not too pungent but you can smell it when the jar is open.

Burn: My joint burned mostly dark grey, had a small oil ring and it burned pretty well. Wasn’t harsh either. I didn’t get a lot of flavour though. In my Solo 2 it tasted much better, had more of a sweet citrusy herbal taste.

Potency: I found the high pretty calming, didn’t get any euphoria though like most descriptions suggest. This one wasn’t too potent so this is a good daytime option. I could feel some pressure in the head and my body was more relaxed.