Appearance – Tight, dark olive green, spade shaped buds with plenty of orange pistils throughout. Good trichome coverage and stickiness


Nose – This is where it shines, as this flower has an incredibly strong, sweet Blueberry smell thats enticing. Amazing nose on this


Taste/Smoke – Unfortunately the taste doesn’t transfer over completely as it brings a bit of a woody taste with undertones of Blueberry. Not a bad taste but not as sweet as the nose. Decent


Effects – Effects are hybrid in nature for me and medium potency. Not the longest lasting but good for early afternoon when you want to be blazed but not out of your mind. A very functional high with minimal burnout


Overall – I had high hopes for this upon opening the bag that weren’t necessarily met but this is still a nice smoke. I’d ALMOST buy it JUST for the smell of it…..WOW its nice smelling.