Sticky,dank,rock solid Forrest green and dark purple buds, covered in long dark orange hairs and completely caked in crystals and small diamond like trichomes. Smell is very pungent sweet,creamy fruity and doughy gas⛽🥳. Taste is very nice and unique! Earthy and super sour diesel(gas) with some creamy vanilla that lingers long after smoking on the palate. Slow kinda harsh resinous burn with small oil ring midway through joint(1.5g) with a salt and pepper ash. Feeling very euphoric/happy,heavy eyed/headed, very alert and very relaxed and chilled out and still creeping up. I see myself gorging on cheesecake and watching Netflix/YouTube for the next couple hours!!!! Excellent herb overall! Looked really nice and tasted just as good! I’d recommend this herb for night-time smoking!