Strain – Blueberry Pie (Girl Scout Cookies x Blue Dream)

Visual/Texture – spade shaped nugs with a crispy shelled exterior, and a more fresh sticky to the feel interior. Wearing a fashionable color blend from an olive green shading with some bright emerald, and sharp purplish blue undertones. Shorter lengthed thin copper pistils throughout the structures, and a generous dusting of snowy trichomes

Scent – the aroma coming off of Blueberry Pie is a compilation of several different scents. The terpenes being truly unleashed and more pronounced once busted apart. Filling your nostrils with a sweet aroma of pungent sweetened berries, with some nutty notes, and herbal earthiness

Smoke – producing ash on the lighter grey side with peppering, and an oil ring developing fairly early into the joint. Taking in the flavors of sweet earthy berries, with nutty notes, and a herbal taste. Exhaling it then takes on more of the herbal earthiness, with the berry flavoring still coming through

High – split evenly down the middle this (50/50) hybrid definitely giving off the equal effects of both the sativa and indica sides. Your mood is immediatly tilted upwards, bringing on both euphoric and cerebral effects.  Later becoming more of a relaxing stone, with no noticeable burnout. Easily a great option for daytime sessions, as you can smoke this all day without any issues of continuing your regular activities while nice and roasted