Strain – Blueberry Nuken (Nuken x Blueberry)

Smell – the Nuken strain has a very distinctive scent, paired up with the blueberry aroma make it terpy delight. It has a really sweet pungent pine nose mashed with blueberry, it also contains hints of skunky, earthiness. Quite the sweet and skunky terpenenes reeking off of this stuff, which become more pronounced once grinded up

Smoke – good carry over from smell to taste, producing a musky pine, with earthy blueberry on the inhale, and exhaling it moves to an earthiness, with sweet lingering pine taste. Nice even and consistent burn twisted up in a joint. Medium grey salt and pepper ash, and a nice consistent burn with a resin ring joining the party

High – even with its indica prominence (80/20) i find this to be a good option for daytime sessions. Leaving you calm and relaxed, yet still capable of focusing on tasks, and I find monor pain relief. On the plus, the burnout was barely noticed but the appetite rather the opposite

Quality: fairly dense buds of medium sizing, crispy to the touch, with a slightly dry interior. The majority of the nugget is a mossy green, with some olive hues, sugar leaves intact, thinly woven bright orangey brown pistils, and dusted in a fine layer of crystal trichomes