Had the ceramic cart arrive in a protective sleeve which is always nice. Initially the liquid was somewhat solidified. However,after a few minutes placed in my hand to warm up the product turned into the thick transparent liquid gold you see in the pics. No sugaring to speak of on this one.

Found the flavors provided a nice herbal, earthy and spicy on inhale with mild sweet fruity flavor on exhale. No harshness felt on the throat but produced thick vapour that felt expansive on the lungs. Effects were the most impressive aspect of this one. Had me feeling it behind the eyes as they glazed over with an initial stoney head high. This was later accompanied by a pretty solid body high that had zoning out and enjoying every minute of it.

Have been waiting patiently to try one of these bad boys out and cannot say I was disappointed. Always love the convenience of cartridges and when it comes alongside clean smoke and potent full body effects it becomes a daily driver.