Blueberry AK From Best Budz

Visual: The colour on these buds were an army green with light brown hairs that blended in so they were hard to see. They had a nice structure and one of the buds was very cone shaped but still had a roundness to the bracts. The crystal was a bit fuzzy and had a nice sparkle to them. They were extremely dense.

Nose: It had a musky earthy grape nose and it was very pungent right out of the jar. When I opened it up I got more of the same but with a little bit of the Blueberry smell.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It held back a bit in the grinder but it was easy to cut up with scissors. It had a light and fuzzy feel to it for how dense it was.

Taste: Not as much of the grape came through. I got a little bit of an earthy blueberry and a bit of sweetness.

Burn: The burn was great. It had a light ash which clung together well.

Potency/Effects: It had a bit of a punch to it and it built up well to a good potency level for me. The effects were a balanced effect between my head and my body. My head was quite buzzed out and my body felt like it was a bit heavy. Very enjoyable.

Overall score – 9.0/10