Blue Sherbert rated as Hybrid AAAA
A cross of Blue Cookies x Sunset Sherbert

Smaller to medium sized buds. Showing a lot of colors dark purples hues, green veins and bright orangey pistils. These felt nice not sticky fresh but nicely cured and can stay like this if well stored.

The nose is super pungent and fruity.  Smells like a summer bluebbery and citrus with still a big earthy gassy front. But the more you smell the more appealing it gets the deeper the fruity seems to come out haha. Once grinded and the trichomes broken it got really musky and stronger. The fruity side didnt transfer to the taste as much mostly earthy with the muskyness lingering. Burned super smooth and burned to a light white ash.

Made my feet levitate and put my mind at ease this stuff was potent. Heady at first gets really heavy and sedating easily. Definetly a treat id keep at night time.