Strain – Blue Sherbert OG (Blue Sherbert x Fire OG)

Smell – this exotic strain has a really great smelling tropical grapefruit with a bit of earthy hints. It smells fantastic and the smell comes through even more popping when grinded up

Smoke – the inhale is woody fruit tasting and the exhale more spicy earthy citrus exhale flavored. Salt and pepper ash with a decently greasy oil ring involved

High – the uplifting sativa dominance was very much present in this delicious strain. It’s a 90/10 hybrid and is a perfect daytime or wakin baker choice. Can stay on point and focused no problem and leaves you feeling good while doing so

Quality: Compact nuggets that had some various shades of green ranging from medium to darker, nice orange pistils, and a light dusting of trichomes. Slightly leafy but a great price for some really tasty uplifting herb