Blue Rino rated as Indica AAA
A cross of White Rino x Blueberry

Chunky nugs with a bright green all over. Couple leaf could have been pulled out but nothing major. It was frosty on the outside but not many heads. In counter part it was coated in milky trichomes on the inside. It seemed really fresh and once cracked open it sticked to the fingers like glue.

The smell was rather strong skunky/gassy a bit earthy. Transfered to the taste well the little gassy side coming thru first with a sweet earthy note on the exhale. It left a gray fluffy ash all over and burned really slow and steady.

It was euphorising at first but turned quickly in a matter of minutes into a full body relaxation high i felt really relaxed but still decently focused and sharp. Enjoyed this one a lot.