Strain – Blue Rhino (White Rhino x Blueberry)

Smell – the nose on this stuff isn’t super pungent initially but you can smell a good representation of each parent. Having a herbal earthy scent with a sweet blueberry musk. The  smell becoming alot more pronounced after exiting the grinder

Smoke – a very smooth consistent burn, clean light grey ash, and a resin ring to pair along perfectly. Every inhale you get the sweet herbal blueberry mix, and the exhale having am earthy taste with slight berry notes still existing

High – fairly evenly split hybrid strain with a slight indica dominance. I found this stuff to give the energy and motivation with a clear head, while still feeling a good relaxation and a total relief of any pre existing aches. This could be smoked during the day time or into the evening if you’re still needing to be somewhat focused

Quality: dense chunky nuggets, barely any give when squeezed on these compact rounded buds. Medium green shading with some darker green undertones, plenty of thin bright fire orange pistils, and a dusting of trichomes over top