Brand – Blue Raspberry by High Dose

Flavor – they definitely are flavored as labelled, blue raspberry. This being the first flavor that hits your taste buds, it will also be the last good one for the next little bit. It gets a little bit worse the longer it stays in your mouth, so it’s best to get it down quick. The aftertaste lingers in your mouth for sometime post downing the gummy, which you will need to wash the bitter flavor down several times afterwards

Potency – this fidget spinning looking motherfucker packs a 1000mg tag on her. I cut into 3 increments making them “333mgs” each. I’m not quite sure it had the effects of such numbers, but I would say it fealt more like a decent 200 – 250 which is still a reasonable amount for the price. I dealt very euphoric and ended up having a blast each dosing. The sedation came to follow quite some time after, and as per usual, caught some solid Z’s

Quality – first time trying this brand, at the level these are dosed, with the price.. and a sale?! Fairly soft, really chewy, and as mentioned the taste is nothing to brag about. Having such a “high dose” these are for sure worthy if you’re on a budget and looking to send yourself sailing. I don’t know if I would grab them again.. that being said, I do have a 1500mg that awaits me next