This gorgeously caked out and purpled out bud is called Blue Lights. It’s parents are Northen Lights and Blueberry. Trimmed near perfect and cured to absolute perfection. The buds are pretty firm, with a nice bit of spongeyness. Buds were on the medium to large size. Has a sweet dank blueberry aroma almost candy like.


Upon smoking I tasted a succelent sweet pungnent musky blueberry taste. The blue gene comes out very well. The smoke was ultra smooth and rich like. Burned perfect in a joint being even, slow and continuous. Had a light gray ash and a decent grease ringer.


I found this to be a medium to high potency balanced hybrid. It immediately calm me down. It had me feeling a bit happy and focused. I had a short boost of engery from this. After a bit a relaxation crept up and washed over me making me lazy like. Valued at 140 a zip before any discounts.