The Blue Fire Cartridge by Sauce House is a delightful and tasty treat that I am thrilled to add to my collection.  Sauce House is well known for high quality concentrates so I was very excited to try their first offering of live sauce vape cartridges.

The inhale is smooth and tastes like sweet berries with mild flavors of woody spice on the exhale. Blue Fire is a 70/30 indica dominant strain and this cart delivers a powerful hit of this magical wonderfulness to the brain and body with overall feelings of relaxation and peace. This cart is truly a beautiful combination of delicious taste and potency! It also hides its smell well when not in use, making it a favorite cart to grab for on the go.

The wooden tip presents a unique and intimate vaping experience. I would not share this cart with others due to the wood’s ability to absorb “things”. It certainly is an intriguing pairing with the hints of woody spice on the exhale.

The cart itself is 0.5g and performs extremely well at 2.2v to 2.3v on my Yocan Uni Pro with absolutely zero leakage or clogging issues. Excellent job Sauce House I look forward to keeping these carts in my rotation!