Forest to minty green backgrounds and thin orange pistils were the highlight of the large chunky well-trimmed buds. Trichomes were found densely packed in all areas of the bud including caverns of milky white stalks and bulbs. The smell was immediately dank, and piney with sour notes wafting by soon after. Breaking down the bud was challenging as it was very dense and sticky producing moreso citrus smells.

The taste was sweet and citrusy along with a funky sour flavor that I found hard to describe. The joint was even burning but ended with a dark grey ash. I found the smoke to be smooth with only small moments of harshness with a toke from the bong. Post-smoke I had energy to burn with sweeping bouts of euphoria later leading to generalized relaxation. I could see myself using this bud in several situations day or night depending on the dosage.