Blue Fin Tuna from Pink Llama (sourced from Sacred Gardens) – (Craft)

Visual: It was a dank looking bud with lots of small tight crystals on the outside. It was a bright green on the outside and when I opened it up the crystals were a bit bigger on the inside. The Trichomes were very sparkly and I could tell that it was very fresh. It was quite dense but it still had a fresh squishiness to it. There were patches of brown hairs all over.

Nose: The nose was very gassy and it had a funky savory tuna smell which was very enjoyable to me. It also had some sweet kushiness, it was a beautiful nose.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was very fresh and sticky and it cut up good. It squished a little bit when I was cutting it. It busted up very easy.

Taste: The taste was gassy and sweet with a bit of kush. The flavor was very potent.

Burn: It burnt awesome! Nice light ash and it was a beautiful steady burn.

Potency/Effects: It was very punchy! I could really feel it hit me in the nose. Awesome potency! It was a very clean and happy effects. It really started off with some energy and then blasted me with its all over buzz that blew me away! This one knocked me out and had me ready for da couch! Loved it!

Overall score – 9.6/10