Tight,slightly sticky, spongy,chunky lime green buds coated in crystal and caked in fuzzy shiny little diamond like trichomes. Smell is very nice and unique! Pungent nose tingling earthy sour with some lemon citrus and floral notes. Taste is so unique!(this is what I love about Tfcannabis) Very spicy earthy/super sour with some creamy berries that sits on the palate nice and long after smoking and keeps you wondering wth the flavor is! Burn was decent!!little harsh and slightly resinous with a dark salt and pepper ash. High is nice, I’m feeling happy/euphoric, energized,uplifted and very alert. Heavy eyed/headed but ready to get outside and do something and very talkative🤷🏾‍♂️. Great herb overall, Burn was mediocre! But taste is very nice and interesting!! and I feel really good!🥳 Perfect herb for daytime/evening smoking!!