While this is a strain that we’ve all had many times growing up, it’s my first time enjoying a craft representation of it. Bright green nugs full of sparkling trichome heads made a fantastic initial impression on me. While the trichome coat isn’t as dense as some new age strains, it’s still packed with well developed heads. The nose on this stuff is truly outstanding. It’s a delicious sugary citrus-pine with notes of blueberry candy. Absolutely can’t get enough of this aroma. It retains all of these notes on smoke but in different proportions. The sweet blueberry candy takes front stage with an herbal undertone. The citrus-pine profile is hidden behind the strong sugary taste but it’s definitely still there. The ash is salt and pepper but the smoke is very clean and smooth with a perfect exhale. However, there is a very slight tingle on the throat. The high is strong and as the name would suggest, very dreamy. It almost feels like everything around you is slowed down. It also has some visual effects making colours appear more saturated. It starts with a energetic and cerebral rush but slowly morphs into a relaxing and peaceful state. Absolutely love this flower and it really made me appreciate blue dream again! 👌🏆