Beautiful bright and blond colored extremely fine-grained particles collected into one wet looking pile. On first look the exterior appears wet and waxy as if it was slowly dripping down the side of the jar, very visually appealing. The smell was reminiscent of the blue dream strain which I know from experience typically has a super powerful aroma. The live resin was no different with berry, pine and citrus notes blasting out of the jar almost overwhelming your nose with the powerful and complex scent. The product was easy to work with resembling creamed honey which made it simple to collect and dab.

The smoke followed the nose well with the same tasty flavor profile. Immediate effects were felt with an overly cerebral and energetic high that helped me stay productive and get things done around the household. This sativa leaning buzz eventually tapered off into a total relaxed body. Found this to provide a well-balanced hybrid buzz with tasty flavors and powerful aromas; an anytime of the day smoke for me with no serious risk of sedation.