A bit different then the usual “Blue Dream” which I initially assumed this was. “Blue Dream Kush” is a cross of Toasted OG x Blueberry French Toast bred by Blue Dream King and arrived as smaller well trimmed popcorn type buds. Slightly drier than most of the slurricane phenos with a bit more of a crispy exterior; but still had a decent level of stickiness in the interior. Visuals were dominated by light greens, patches of darker greens and light peach pistils; plus a thick coating of milky looking resin. A close peek shows off the short stalked semi-opaque stalks with small clear and cloudy heads. Smell is super sugary with some berry, creamy orange orange and “breath type” funk to them, making for a delicious combination of scents. Not pungent or sharp yet smooth and rich sweet aromas, which made for an addictive profile.
Smoke was smooth and enjoyable with a sweet, creamy and mildly herbal flavor. Burned with a small oil ring and a fluffy near white ash. Effects hit me with a immediate cerebral effects that had me feeling as if I was a bobble head with uplifting and euphoric vibes. Had a shit eating grin on my face for a couple minutes about 20 minutes after smoking and had me giggling at the most random things. Either way I was feeling good. I did notice a moderate body load settle in that settled me down around the same time; but there really wasn’t any sedative effects to speak to. Otherwise sativa leaning hybrid, with delicious aromas and flavors that’s bound to impress some buddies with its uplifting effects and smooth but delicious terp profile. If I was able to hang with friends out and about this may have been one of the strains I’d choose. Hopefully things can return to normal soon enough so I show off and share some of this delicious flower. Until then this will be my weekend wake and bake strain.