Medium sized moderately dense buds that arrived with a near perfect cure and sticky to the touch. Great visual appeal with the crazy array of colours including light and dark green backgrounds, dark purple leaning on black sugar leaves and fat vibrant orange pistils. There was also a healthy coating of resin that gave the buds a greasy appearance. Mainly cloudy and clear heads under the macro lens. Smells coming off the buds were gassy forwards with some sweet earthy undertones that softened the aromas of diesel hitting the nose.

Smoke flavors mirrored the nose nearly perfectly with the same notes mentioned above; again, with strong diesel leading the profile. Burn was nice with a decent oil ring becoming noticeable 1/4 through a joint; with an even slow burn and a very light grey ash.  Found the effects to be potent with a noticeable buzzy and uplifting cerebral high hitting almost immediately. This continued with some heaviness and relaxation felt throughout the body as well as some sedative effects I couldn’t scoff at.  Nice looking, delicious gassy profile (my bias) and enjoyable physical effects make me think this an ideal choice to wind down or help knock you out at the end of the night.