Strain – Blue Comatose

Smell – right away once you’ve started to rip the mylar bag open the terpenes coming off this strain are instantly looking to escape. Bursting in a sweet citrus scented blend, smells of lemon, grapefruit, and orange

Smoke – the translation of smell to taste while smoking is on point. Taking each inhale off the joint you get hit with that sweet and almost sour citrus mash up of flavoring, with the exhale consisting of the same terps with an added earthiness flavor but still leaving that lingering sour fruit taste in your mouth

High – labelled as a sativa on the bag, it definitely pack an unlike sativa punch. Rather than being a motivator this strain hits you good and leaves you in a relaxed state. More of a daytime roast while having extra free time, or an evening blaze while looking to relax

Quality: bag appeal is ridiculous on this strain, it being only labelled as a triple A is an understatement, this could easily fall under the quads category. Big chunky fat buds, the quarter consisted of 2 buds which made up 6 of the g’s on their own. Excellent fresh crispy outside with a fresh sticky interior once busted up, although appearing a darker green the nugs are of a lighter to medium green shading with plenty of blue undertones throughout, bright amber pistils, and a sheet of trichomes draped around each nugget