Buds were well trimmed sticky and dense with light mossy green backgrounds and patches of faded purple. There was an even coating of resin throughout the nicely cured buds with long winding rusty orange pistils peeking through. The smell knocked it out of the park with very distinct and powerful berry/grape aromas accented by a mix of creamy, sweet and slightly sour scents. I understand there’s a lot going on here, but it was so complex and addictive.

Burn was pretty good with a light grey ash that was nearly white. Sour notes were in the spotlight being the most prominent taste; decently smooth smoke but noticed a mildly dry throat mid-way through a joint. The buzz produced a noticeably calming sensation felt throughout the body almost immediately with some later euphoric and uplifting vibes to follow. Really nice for a nightcap or lazy midday smoke.