Strain – Blue City Diesel (Blueberry x NYC Diesel)

Visual/Texture – airy, sticky, greasy formation coming from withim the mylar with some enticing due to the bag trying to hold in the sticky mass. Lighter olive shaded buds, and plenty of medium emerald accented hues. Brownish orange pistils spread over a good portion of the structures, and surrounded by a thick wall of sparkling, milky white trichomes

Scent – completely capturing your sense of smell, and continuing to carry its sweet fragrance over the entire area, these buds provide some decently volumizing terpenes. Made up of over powering sweet berries, sour herbs, mashed together with diesel gas, also producing subtle notes of skunky, and earthiness

Smoke Рcoming off quite smooth, with those  infused berry terpenes shining through on each inhale, included with a sweet herbal, gassy diesel fuel, and sour skunky taste. The flavor decreasing significantly on the exhale becoming more of an earthy, herb taste with a sour, sweetness left lingering around. Clean and consistent burning with a lighter grey ash, peppering intact, and materializing a slight ring of resin, growing as the session continued on

High – a slightly indica lead hybrid (60/40) Blue City Diesel is not only tasty on the palate but also a wise choice for the daytime. Delivering a boosted cerebral head high, including increased levels of euphoric senses, while still managing to keep focus intact. Bringing forth a happy mood, and sending a deep relaxation over your body at the same time. This can be turned to for a daytime session while still being functional, while pleasantly cooked