Dark green backgrounds with a large amount of long bright orange hairs peeking through the crevices. The bud structure was moreso on the sativa side with a loose structure connecting several branches of trichome matted buds. The smell was a clean fruity and gassy aroma highlighting on half of it’s lineage linked to Blueberry. The taste was immediate diesel with some undertones of sweetness on exhale.

Burned incredibky well with smooth tokes, even burn, no issues staying lit and a white ash finish. Buds were slightly more sativa looking to my eye with an airy structure but this definitively smoked like an Indica. Post-smoke I felt a constant barrage of relaxing sensations originating in my chest and slowly sprawling throughout the rest of my body. These sensations were then accompanied by episodes of pleasant euphoria which made me just want to sit down and enjoy the feelings. Very satisfying buzz which made doing absolutely nothing feel right.