Blue cherry Mac Rosin –
A cross of Blue cherries x Mac 1

Light goldenish creamy color. A bit taffy in texture like a hot butter but tacky enough its easy to work with.

Smell of citrus were the most noticeable with a light sour cheesey side. The taste is where this thing shines it really came alive once vaporised strong diesel notes with a sweet earthy side really felt the mac and a fruity finish. A delicious after taste that lingers for a while, tasted way more intense and complex then it smelled. Definetly redefined flower rosin for me close to some nice hash rosin i tried. No classic dirtyish rosin taste really amazing.

A smooth uplifting wave and a decent budy buzz great after a first meal and so on, it didnt felt too blurry to use mid day / morning and its definetly tasty. Just careful how much i indulge its really potent.