Beautifully wet consistency with exterior being as wet as the interior. Light golden hues alongside darker amber streams throughout. Had a sticky, thick runny consistency I’d liken to honey, which was easy to manipulate and collect a dab. Aromas were present as soon as I opened the jar with heavy creamy scents with some sugary fruit hitting the nose on the tailend. As the rosin was agitated these smells only intensified with sweet berry aromas becoming more apparent. Clean melt for flower rosin with the expected amount of darker residue left behind. Flavours on the vapour were mainly sweet, creamy and slightly fruity; moreso in a soft rich way than any sharp  in your face fruitiness. Found the effects were balanced with an initial cerebral buzz felt behind the eyes, helping me feel uplifted right off the bat. Then mellowed out by the potent body load arriving soon after. One I’d likely consider perfect option for the evening but could see myself grabbing it for a mid-day session too.