Strain – Blood Tuna

Vistual/Texture – an entire zip made up of medium to larger sized buds, with a light sponginess, slightly crisp shelled texture, and presenting a sticky resinous feel. Nugs with a spread shade of moss, an olive green, and offering up plenty of rich blackened highlights. Some remaining sugar leaf presence, a decently spread arrangement of shorter thinner fire orange pistils, and shielded by a thick layer of milky white trichomes
Scent – immediate stench coming off of this potent scented strain. Carrying heavy notes of stanky Tuna, wafts of diesel gas, with spicy undertones, and notes of a sharp fruity aroma. Fantastic smelling stuff overall that doesn’t hold back its extremely vocalized terpenes

Smoke – fairly smooth smoking strain, with the taste coming off quite familiar to the scent. An ash having a lighter grey tone with peppering, and forming a greasy resin trail a couple tokes in, flowing just behind the cherry. The terpenes continuing to present themselves as you take each haul off the joint, straight tuna gas, with a  mild sweetened fruitiness, and a skunky, herbal spice taking in each inhale. Exhaling the flavor is more of a spicy, earthy, with a faint notes of tuna lingering in the background
High – wasting little time to commence spreading its effects over your mind, and down your body. Receiving an enhanced uplifted euphoric head high, with a guarantee of mood elevation, and reversing even the worst of days. Receiving a decent pain alleviation as a deep relaxation occurs, making its way over your entire body. Blood Tuna could be used during the day or evening, lifting you where you’re wanting to be, with motivation slowly drifting farther away as the high wears on