Blackberry OG rated as AAA Indica
A cross of Ken’s OG x  unknown GDP phenotype.

Medium to small size nugs. Really dense with a tight structure, bright green for the most with darker hints of green on the sugar leafs. Really long bright orange pistils and a nice trichomes coverage on the outside lots of intact heads. The inside was covered in shiny heads with some milky ones.

The smell was really nice on this. Mostly skunky/earthy with light berry hints. Transfered well to the taste with the skunky side being most prominant. The smoke felt really heavy but smooth. The burn was nice fluffy white ash all the way through. Left a small greasy ring after a couple drags.

The high started really heady i felt spacy and my tough started wandering arround super fast followed by a heavy and relaxed body numbing sensation. Great before bed or during really laid back time,  it led to a fast couch lock.