Black Tuna from WTF Cannabis – Indica Hybrid – (AAA)

Visual: Amazing visuals on these buds! It is a dark green and almost a purply black all over. Very frosty and just covered in crystal all throughout. It reminded me of a Black Diamond, it has a very similar structure. It has some hairs throughout and when I opened it up it was still super frosted on the inside and there were some very nice purple colouring. Wow!

Nose: The nose was earthy and gassy with a tiny bit of skunk.

Roll: It had that stiff structure from the amount of crystal. When I was cutting the bud it has a dusty/sandy feel from all the crystals. Easy to cut and roll.

Taste: The taste was earthy with a bit of a gassy punch.

Burn: It burnt awesome!

Potency/Effects: It had a good punch! It was a very mellow weighted down stone that lasted a long time. Almost like a hash effect. The potency was great! I was really impressed with this one!