Strain – Black Tuna Budder

Smoke – a great smoke with terpenes that stick out. Much like the flower form, this stuff packs alot of flavor into it. Not to be taken lightly, each pull you take is of big cloudy portions and of equal sized taste. The skunk flavoring is glued to your palate post exhaling

High – you can feel the effects fairly quickly hitting this potent budder. This is an evening time treat placing you in a state of sedation, and relaxation through your entire body. Your eyes become a struggle to keep anywhere above half mass, and euphoria comes across you quick and seems to hold its ground

Quality: it has a really great butterscotch or caramel color to it. Easily molded to accurately portion out how much you want for any method of smoking. Sticky, potent, and flavor infested. A hard hitting strain, made into an even harder hitting concentrate, making this a solid grip all around