Strain – Black Tuna (Lamb’s Bread x Herojuana)

Visual/Texture – compiled of smaller nugs,  really airy, slightly squishy, being fresh, resinous, and greasy both inside and out. Great coloring throughout with lots of darker purple almost blackened in sections, and a shared light lime, and dark mossy green shading in the undertones. Short thinner light brown pistils shooting off the structure, and doused out in a thick wall of crystal trichomes

Scent – expecting a stanky Tuna stench to be reeking off this strain, it went quite the opposite direction on the nose. Quite a sweet pungent skunky aroma, with a herbal presence, and earthy notes being emitted from this strain

Smoke – the terpenes continue to present themselves as you take each haul off the joint. Giving off the a sweet skunky herbal taste and exhaling taking on a spicy woody flavor with a robust earthiness. An ash having a lighter grey tone with peppering, and forming a greasy resin trail two tokes in, flowing just behind the cherry

High – an even (50/50) hybrid, releasing the effects of both worlds upon you. An energizing rush first coming over you, elevating your mood, and delivering a life of euphoria. Eventually the indica side takes over washing a relaxing feeling over your mind and body alike. Black Tuna could be used during the day or evening, putting you where you want to be, with motivation slowly drifted away as the high wears on