Strain – Black OG

Smell – hard to describe the exact smell coming off this strain but it’s some pungent smelling grass. There’s various notes of a variety of scents that these terpenes give off mostly masked by a gassy skunk smell, with notes of coffee, cedar, and some earthiness

Smoke – nice long consistent burn, light whitish grey ash. Right away I took note of how quickly the greasy resin ring began to develop, growing bigger and greasier making the joint more robust as you smoke it slowly down. Flavoring on the intake consisted of diesel, and skunky coffee like flavors on the pallet, exhaling being more of a woody earth taste that continues to linger behind

High – with the heavy smoke comes a heavier high. I found it to creep up, or the high transition from somewhat motivated to a sedative state in the matter of 30 minutes. It could also be used as a sleep aid if blazing later into the evening. I found with the thickness behind the smoke it was better to puff on during later daytime or to start your night off

Quality: a variety of smaller to medium sized nuggets, almost every bud structure being spade shaped. Medium emerald green shading with a healthy amount of bright copper thin pistils, and a generous dusting of amber trichomes every direction. Crispy to the touch on the outside, and becoming fluffy and sticky/resinous once exiting the grinder