Tight,sticky lime green with a little bit of purple bleeding through with patches of dark red hairs all throughout, Covered in crystals but caked in trichomes that gleaming like diamonds in the light. Smell is nice! I’m getting sweet candy🍭 and diesel gas⛽. Taste is very unique! Very earthy and kushy sourness🤷🏾‍♂️ but that diesel is definitely in the background one of those herbs that keeps you guessing/conversation starter!!! Decent burn!Joint(1g) was a little harsh but potent and slightly resinous with a dark salt and pepper ash. High is relaxing and very cerebral with very heavy eyes but alert and feeling good, can easily dive into YouTube for an hour or two. Great herb overall got me stoned and tasted nice🥳 after a very long day. Id recommend this herb for evening/late night or using as a sleep aid!