MoM- The Wholesome Monkey

Customer Service-  Koko the rep for this MoM is very attentive and answered all my inquiries over discord within a few hours of me asking.  She was very helpful with advise of strains to try and what to expect from them.  She also kept me informed when my shipping info was delayed a day without me asking. This was a pleasant surprise as a lot would wait and just send it when it was in. (9/10)
Packaging/Shipping- The pack was set in a bubble mailer with no scent present when he pack was picked up.  Inside was 2 strains, one in a glass and one in a plastic jar as well as a CO2 vape cart in its own cardboard slide out package.  All product was well preserved inside the jars with no crushing of buds.  Shipping was a little different from normal as they use prepaid mailers so while it took 3 days to scan in my pack into the system, it was delivered the morning following its initial scan. In al shipping took 4 days or 3 business days.
Strains-  Black Guava (Snazzy Strains)-  This strain came in a limited run glass jar with a nice Snazzy Strains lid to it. Once i opened the jar i was overwhelmed by the smell of deep pungent Guava and undertones or tropical fruits and earth.  This smell was extremely enticing.  The appearance of this strain was small to medium nugs with beautiful purples and deep greens present under the ample coating of trichomes.  Upon grinding a few bud the smell of guava intensified with the earthiness falling away but the tropical smells remained in the background.  This bud tasted like super smooth and fresh guava with pineapple and kush mixed in on exhale.  The burn on this strain was almost pure white with smell flecks of black present and caused absolutely no harshness on my throat.  The high from this strain was a very immediate euphoric experience that quickly migrates more the the chest and body.  It was not a knock out strain but was very enjoyable for sitting down and enjoying a movie or talking with friends.  It is one of those buys you almost feel bad smoking it.  (9.2/10)
Pink Crack (Snazzy Strains)-  This was sent in a sealed black plastic jar with Snazzy strains and strain on the top and a printed label of the strain on the side as well.  Upon opening the jar i was hit with a immediate burning gassy smell followed by an acidic kush smell that was very different from many pinks i have had.  The appearance on the buds were small-large conical buds with a few foxtails and a slightly ragged trim.  The nugs were an assortment of mainly lighter greens with a few red hairs breaking through the trim. The trichome coverage was ample on the insides of all nugs while surface trichs were mostly destroyed.  Upon grinding the overwhelming smell of gasoline took over all other scents.  When smoked the flower left a light grey ash and tasted exactly as it smelt in the grinder… like pure gas.  This was a very potent and heavy smoke but was harsher on the throat than i expected for a premium strain.  The high from this bud was an immediate head rush followed by a heavy heavy couch lock that made me need to sleep within an hour of smoking, (7.5/10)
CO2 Vape Cart-  This cart was received in its own personal cardboard case and was nicely displayed.  The cart was a CCELL with a pressure fit, see through, plastic mouthpiece.  The pulls from this cart were awesome for the first day or so but now that i have tried it for a week or so i have been having constant clogging issues within the airway.  This is normal for a lot of carts and just requires a hard pull or a preheat to clear it out.  This issue will eventually lead to oil getting on your battery contact as there is product in the airways.  The high from this cart was a very mellow and smooth one that did nothing more then motivate me to keep at my day and made it a little better along the way.  The flavors were full and the clouds were thick.  (7/10)