Black Gas from Order Weed Online

Cross: The Black x Gas Mask


Visual: This Black Gas had crazy visuals! There were a few spots of green and hues of green but it was mostly black. The crystal was big and frosty and sparkly and it had patches of orange/brown hairs all over. It had a great structure and it looked untouched. It was very dense.

Nose: The nose was piney and gassy. There was a sweetness in there, along with a hint of sour citrus. When I opened it up it was more pungent with the gas.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It got stuck in the grinder a bit because it was very sticky. It squished up a bit when I was cutting it with scissors. It had a great moisture level.

Taste: It had lots of flavour. I got lots of the gas and pine and some spice.

Burn: It burnt great. The ash was light and it gave off lots of smoke.

Potency/Effects: This Black Gas was beautiful and the effects lived up to the looks. I got a decent hit in my nose and it built up slowly but to a good level and it was long lasting. I felt very relaxed in my body and mellowed out in my brain. It put me in a good mood and made me want to chill out. Good for evening.

Overall score – 9.5/10