Black Gas rated as Indica
A cross of Gas Mask x The black strain

Big dense nugs the 8th came as 2 nuggets. Bright green with a darker touch on the sugar leafs and some orangey pistils ( or bract not too sure how we say now ) ahah. A nice trichome coverage on the exterior with lots of intact heads. The inside was even better milky heads in profusion. Sticky to the touch left my fingers super greased up and I could hold a nug just by squeezing it for a easy 5 second ahah. Couple sugar leafs could have been pulled out but nothing major.

A pungent diesely and spicy/piney nose. Gets even heavier once combusted with the gassy/spicy side coming and lingering after exhaling. A strong but rather smooth smoke. It was hard to take big rips just because the smoke felt really dense. It burned to a white fluffy ash on each bowls and greased up joints rather fast.

The high was intense started with a good headrush like a fat dab. Quickly followed by deep relaxation and sedation feeling. Left me glued to the seat perfect for late night.