One of the better super quad bags I’ve tried. Medium to large nugs that were absolutely beautiful. Dark purple, almost black hues throughout. Undeniably caked in full headed trichs. Sticky, dense and very pungent odor. Almost everything you could ask for.

Nose was an intense gas/skunk. Really earthy as well to tone down everything else.

Burned really smoothly to pure white ash. The terps on this are off the charts. I had to smoke a few bowls to really take in the complexity of earthy flavors. The flavor lingers on your tongue for much longer than usual as well. Earthy herbal, jet fuel, bitter citrus and a bit of funk/skunkiness were just a few of the flavor profiles.

Effects were some of the heaviest I’ve experienced in a while. Super dreamy euphoric cerebral with an intense body stone. Warmness, relaxation and heaviness are felt throughout the body. You feel like  you’re melting in to whatever you’re sitting on. Intense and long lasting, seems to creep up in intensity for a fair bit as well.

Really impressed, lives up to the tag.