Strain – Black Dolato (Do-Si-Dos x Gelato x Blackberry Kush)

Visual/Texture – mostly coming as two medium sized thicker buds. This magnificent looking bud shares its surface space between green shades of bright neon, a royal emerald hue, and light violet undertones in moderation. Light fire orange pistils, populating a vast majority of the structures, and completely iced out in a thick blanket of frost covered snow white trichomes. Mostly spongy with a slight amount of crispness to the squeeze, while trying to grab back with its sticky resinous texture

Scent – flowing with sweet powerful terpenes that command your immediate attention. A smell that has a complete concoction of many familiar aromas accented each time you take a sniff of this beautiful bud. Giving off a pungent fragrance of sweetened grape berries, almost wine scented with a creamy dough paired up by pine undertones, and almost nutty hints
Smoke – ash lighter grey in color being distributed, while producing an oily resin ring. Continuing the exotic journey this herb now takes your palette on. Taking inhales of the sweet grape berry wine, with a creamy doughiness, while still being accented by notes of pine, and a nutty spiciness. An exhale that draws a little less attention but still  holding on to a sweetened cedar flavoring, and reminence of sour earthiness left lingering

High – Black Dolato starts off by engaging your senses with an uplifting mood enhancement, and strong euphoria flowing completely through your head. Eventually feeling your motivation drain entirely, your body receives a full wave of relaxation setting over it. While the high continues settling over you, your head becomes clouded over with a complete haze, skirting any issues, and existing thoughts. Bringing on its initial beam of energy, this can be a day roast, but with how cooked you end up it’s better choice for evening sessions