This live rosin has an absolutely perfect texture for cold starts and joints. It isn’t too sticky and also doesn’t crumble apart super easily. The colour is also a very nice light bronze-gold. The aroma is a strong and pungent woodsy berry with a deep fresh creamy citrus spice mixed in. It’s such a pleasant nose that each and every whiff impresses and they all keep me coming back. I also seem to notice new and subtle notes almost every time. The smoke is equally as enjoyable, being extremely rich and smooth with a very tasty profile. I get a strong herbal berry flavor accented by a woodsy creamy citrus exhale. The long lasting high is incredibly relaxing and blissful with an almost mushroom like body high. It really settles the mind but doesn’t leave you tired at all. It’s extremely wavy and almost feels like you have no body. This high is a legitimate experience and the smoke is so nice you’ll want to dab this stuff all day long🏆💯