Strain – Black Diamond Widow

Smell – the lineage I am assuming to be black diamond x white widow, the terpenes this sports is almost identical to the black diamond strain. You can really smell the sweet blackberry terpenes as soon as you bust this stuff open. Quite pungent, it’s a unique smell that consists of blackberry wine, earthy, and almost sweet all blended together in this strains nose profile

Smoke – Flavor definitely translates from smell to smoke on both the inhale and exhale quite well. I found it smooth yet robust at the same time smoke with an earthy blackberry taste on the inhale and more of an earthy exhale with a lingering berry taste. Medium grey salt and pepper ash, oil ring present within the first few hoots

High –  you can feel the high come on mid burn, heavy on the eyelids, decently relaxing strain. More for later in the day or evening smoke, you won’t want to have a whole lot lined up post smoke because it almost for sure won’t happening. Packing a punch over all but still capable of task completion post blaze

Quality:  very dark green olive colored thick buds with dark purple almost black hues, good squeeze and density. All medium sized nugs with a crispy shell and sticky once busted open. Decent milky trichome coverage, slight sugar leafs, and dark copper pistils. This is a unique strain that I found to be a hitter all around