Strain – Black Diamond

Smell – that real stank that comes off of a true black strain cross. Quite pungent, it’s a unique smell that consists of blackberry wine, earthy, and almost sweet all mashed in to one

Smoke – very robust tasting smoke that is smooth at the same time, salt and pepper ash, oil ring was ready to go right off the bat. Flavor definitely translates from smell to smoke on both the inhale and exhale

High – the high seems to be present almost right away, heavy on the eyelids, decently relaxing strain. Better for later day or evening smoke, you won’t want to have a bunch lined up post smoke because it most likely won’t be going down

Quality: All of the buds were big and dense, and thick and compact at the same time. Crystal drenched, glistening in the sun in trichomes, really nice looking darker green color, and bright orange pistils throughout. Solid strain that is unique and a hitter all around