Medium sized solidly packed oval to spade shaped nugs with a near perfect trim and sugary exterior. The light and dark green backgrounds had an almost dusty appearance due to the thick resin coverage. Under a macro lens the trichomes were mainly seen as short stalks with clear, cloudy and amber heads. The smells coming out the bag were satisfying with rich sweet grape aromas which were clear and discernable; only amplifying as they were busted into a joint. I am a sucker for a terpene profile that is even remotely “grape-like”, but this one was precisely that.
Smoke was again smooth burning a fluffy light grey ash with some mild dark peppering. Flavor came through well in the smoke with notable sweet grape flavors plus some notes reminiscent of wet soil. A strain that crept up on my 5 minutes after smoking with some uplifting sensations that had me chuckling inappropriately at times. Settling into a dominant Indica leaning strain which had me happy and relaxed. Something I again wouldn’t smoke if I needed to get things done but fantastic for winding down or when your planning on doing diddly.