The buds look really appealing, they are just really caked in trichs on the outside and inside. Really beautiful colours of purple and lime green with nice pistils. The buds were pretty dense and the cure was great but I find it a tad dry.

Even though I found it a tad dry it’s a really smooth smoke. Burns really well, had a nice fat greasy oil ring. I mostly got a woodsy taste but on the inhale I get more of a sweet/woodsy taste. I didn’t like the taste in my Solo 2 though. For me it tasted like burnt/sour wood and the flavour was pretty intense.

This is a really good early evening Indica imo. It can be pretty potent for a beginner so I don’t recommend this during the day but for high tolerance users I would recommend this during the day even if it’s an Indica. It hits you pretty strong right in the centre of the head. it left me feeling happy, spacey, relaxed but not sedated. It kind of hit me more like a Sativa honestly.

This was a new one for me but overall It was a good strain, just not my favourite flavour wise.