Strain – Black Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies x Blackberry Kush) by Jordan Of The Islands

Smell – it has a very nice subtle smell of sweet and sour berry berry, with a musky earthy smell  mashed together as you take sniffs in the mylar. The blackberry terpenes being the most present amongst the smells coming off this strain

Smoke – right away took note of how quickly the greasy resin ring begin to develop, growing bigger and greasier making the joint more robust as you smoke it slowly down. A grey salt and pepper ash falling off the end. The inhale bringing forth spicy with sour earthy  berry taste, and the exhale transitioning to a woody and musky flavoring

High – the high doesn’t shy to pouring onto you fairly quickly, in fact before I was done burning the joint I could already feel the effects taking hold. Nice head high, with heavy eyes, and for sure motivation killing. Better for later day or evening time sessions, this stuff will leave you feeling quite relaxed and better off doing as little as possible

Quality: these smaller sized buds were absolutely caked in trichomes, crispier denser nuggets once busted open became substantially more sticky, creating a glue like layer of resin on the finger tips. Emerald green in color, with black undertones in parts, thin bright copper pistils, and the sheet of amber triches covering the whole structures